Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Link Sharing #2

QAGo 1  Photo copyright Julia of Julia’s Place

For those quilters that find large projects difficult to do nor able to pay someone else to quilt it for you, quilting as you go maybe one way of solving this problem. I found this Quilt as you go tutorial on Julia’s Place, creativeribbons blog. The tutorial is easy to follow and with Julia’s permission posting one of her images that you will see if you pop over to her blog. Also take a look at Julia’s other tutorials; they can be found on the left hand side when you scroll down her blog.

Who knew about iron on Velcro? I didn’t until now and my mind is already ticking over how useful this stuff could be. It would be so easy to apply to pockets and pouches inside totes and bags that you feel needs more security, AND wished you had done so before sewing the project up!  Check out the green box at the Birchhaby website to see it is real and not my imagination. I would suggest I am the only one that does not know about this stuff!  LOL

Do you receive error messages when viewing some blogs. Pop over to Tozz’s Corner and read her clearly written post on how she fixes this problem.

Have you ever used Google Alerts? Take a look at the image below as I am about to explain why I use these particular alerts.

Google Alerts

The two top alerts are what I would expect Google to find when anything related to my blog is found on another website. So for example, if someone was spreading the link love about my blog, that is what perhaps would be the link title.  Also I have come across my name on numerous websites and why I leave that listed so that I can see what is being said about me. I have now added the Friday Link Sharing to see how much interest that post creates, if any at all. You will see the alert below that I received from talking about this on a Craft Magazine Forum that I enjoy.

Google Alerts 2 
This is how you can also create alerts for sections of your post to see if it is being stolen for monetary gain on other blogs. You can create as many alerts as you want. Where it would be handy is for those that have a Giveaway Post on their blog or a BOM. Not everyone will make a comment on your blog but it does not mean they are not talking about you or the subject. I know I would be curious to see what those people have to say if it was about me, although it isn’t necessary always going to be good. ;)

You will find more information at the Google Alerts Help page.

How well do you see Colour? Just for some fun, try this one out at Online Color Challenge . It is the only time that I have ever been happy to receive a zero score. Click on the thumbnail above and you will see I am not fibbing. LOL

I do hope you have enjoy my second Friday Link Sharing post.


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Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Link Sharing

I thought I would try something different and provide some links each Friday to items I have found interesting on the Internet. There will be times when I may be away and can’t do this but hopefully for the most part, this post will happen each Friday.

The first link is a video demo.

I don’t have this book but after seeing this demo I am thinking what a great way to make a quilt. Even the demonstration is a lesson worth watching. Crazy shortcut Quilts blog is a lovely read as well.

Also I am intrigued with my prize I won from miss~nances life blog and I thank you for it Gail. You can see what I won by popping over to this Giveaway post. I hope to do  justice and finish this project in the future. Thank you!

When reading comments, I came across a new blog called  DIY Bag Lover. The blog promotes tutorials of bags made by others and link back to the original owner. I don’t mind this blog, as it does recognise and acknowledge  that the copyright belongs to the bags owner, which is very important.  There are lovely bags on this blog so worth a visit.

There is so much to learn when it comes to blogging. I have known about ProBlogger blog for quite some time now and learnt a lot from Darren. He is an Australian that makes his living from blogging and a nice guy. If you want to  make your blog work for you, especially if you want to make sales from your crafts, it is worth checking out Blogging Tips for Beginners. Make sure you make a hot drink before you sit down though, as there is some great reading with lots of hints to make your blog greater than it already is.

Some of you may wonder what I am doing when I am not sewing. If you are interested, you can see my other blog by visiting Arts and Stuff.  How is that for a piece of self promoting…LOL

Now another link just for luck! A Quilting Life is an inspiring blog that reminds me why I love quilts. One day I will have one of my own quilts finished to snuggle into. Do take a look at this lovely blog, you won’t be disappointed.

Just a hint to those that are not internet savvy when it comes to blogging and copyright. When you want to use images that do not belong to you, make sure you get permission from the owner of the material before publishing their content on the web and it will keep everybody happy. Many share freely but there are those that will also be quite upset when they come across material posted without their permission. I know I would not appreciate my artworks being posted without my knowledge or prints made from them. Many artist know the style of  artworks and who created them and are the eyes to the web and soon report back to the image owners if they see something that does not look right; I have seen this happen myself although thankfully not my own work. I have also seen where whole posts are copied and posted on a blog with lots of advertising happening. These bloggers are stealing content to attract visitors to their blogs and make money from ads and once reported, smartly closed down by blogger. Copyright does get heavy going, but it is worth knowing something about the subject so that you have knowledge of where you stand on this great wide web. Oh one more link wont hurt! Copyright Explained.

I would be interested to know if you have enjoyed this post so please leave me a comment and let me know.