Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Link Sharing #4

I can’t believe how fast this week has gone with another Friday Link Sharing post to be published. I hope you find something of value amongst these links.

Photo copyright, Jessica from A Crafty Blog & More

Fleece fabric has always been a part of my fabric stash for many years and would imagine it to be the same for many people who have sewn clothing. Jessica from A Crafty Blog & More has come up with a great idea of making A Fleece Hat Pattern – Under an Hour to Make!  You can see an example of the hat in the image above. I can imagine my own grandchild doing the exact pose, so very cute! evil grin smileys

Melissa Mortenson from The Polka Dot chair has a tutorial post on Moda Bake Shop. The post is Angela’s Diaper Bag and gee it is so pretty. It would be a wonderful gift to make for any new mum and perhaps even for those things that we also like to carry around with us.

Golly I am starting to realise this Fridays Link Sharing is all about tutorials, as I have another one to share!

Newbies to sewing and quilting are often on the lookout for how to sew borders for their quilts, especially as there are so many ways to finishing off a quilt. Sew4home has a tutorial on How to Make a Border with Mitered Corners. The Tips & Resources is a page worth visiting as well.

Well that is another Fridays Link Sharing post hitting the dust…happy sewing everybody!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Royal Giveaway

100 giveaway 010

Clare’s Craftroom is having not one but three giveaways for her 100th post. The example in the image above is the first prize; isn’t it wonderful! If you would like to enter, go to The “Royal” 100th Post Giveaway! and join in.

Good luck! :D


Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Link Sharing #3

Sasha in bed - blogGee we are having wet and cold days of late.  For the family farm, mud is money at this time of the year so I had better not complain about it. Click on the thumbnail above and see how Sasha, my papillon starts her night in her bed. She is quite funny about it as she will even pull up the crochet blanket higher if we haven’t done it right. The crochet blanket is one that I made for her when she was a tiny pup. Sasha has never attempted to destroy it and treats it like her blankie as any child would, hence the blanket is now called blankie. She will go and find her crochet blanket if we command her to “bring blankie here”… lolaim smileys

Ok now onto some links. I haven’t that many as I have been pretty busy, but I think the first one will more than make up for it, especially if you haven’t seen this website before.

Who loves free patterns? I know I do but don’t know when I am going to get a chance to try a few of them out, but hey I like a challenge. For those that would like to add some extra patterns to their own collection, do take a look at this very long list at free quilting patterns, free quilt blocks, quilter techniques at Susan Druding website There is sure to be something there for everybody. Also make sure you check some of the links on the home page, because there is a wealth of information their as well. For example the Links to many more of Susan’s Quilting Articles.

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet: I do get so frustrated with the fitted sheets, especially the new ones that have the elastic all around the edge. I found this website with good diagrams showing how to fold fitted sheets that do look very tidy once finished. You may also find it useful.

Half  Hexagon quilting is a good way to make a quilt if you want it to happen a lot quicker by sewing machine, than sewing by hand.  Abyquilt has a great Hexagon Quilt Tutorial with lots of images as well.

I do hope you have enjoyed this post.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Link Sharing #2

QAGo 1  Photo copyright Julia of Julia’s Place

For those quilters that find large projects difficult to do nor able to pay someone else to quilt it for you, quilting as you go maybe one way of solving this problem. I found this Quilt as you go tutorial on Julia’s Place, creativeribbons blog. The tutorial is easy to follow and with Julia’s permission posting one of her images that you will see if you pop over to her blog. Also take a look at Julia’s other tutorials; they can be found on the left hand side when you scroll down her blog.

Who knew about iron on Velcro? I didn’t until now and my mind is already ticking over how useful this stuff could be. It would be so easy to apply to pockets and pouches inside totes and bags that you feel needs more security, AND wished you had done so before sewing the project up!  Check out the green box at the Birchhaby website to see it is real and not my imagination. I would suggest I am the only one that does not know about this stuff!  LOL

Do you receive error messages when viewing some blogs. Pop over to Tozz’s Corner and read her clearly written post on how she fixes this problem.

Have you ever used Google Alerts? Take a look at the image below as I am about to explain why I use these particular alerts.

Google Alerts

The two top alerts are what I would expect Google to find when anything related to my blog is found on another website. So for example, if someone was spreading the link love about my blog, that is what perhaps would be the link title.  Also I have come across my name on numerous websites and why I leave that listed so that I can see what is being said about me. I have now added the Friday Link Sharing to see how much interest that post creates, if any at all. You will see the alert below that I received from talking about this on a Craft Magazine Forum that I enjoy.

Google Alerts 2 
This is how you can also create alerts for sections of your post to see if it is being stolen for monetary gain on other blogs. You can create as many alerts as you want. Where it would be handy is for those that have a Giveaway Post on their blog or a BOM. Not everyone will make a comment on your blog but it does not mean they are not talking about you or the subject. I know I would be curious to see what those people have to say if it was about me, although it isn’t necessary always going to be good. ;)

You will find more information at the Google Alerts Help page.

How well do you see Colour? Just for some fun, try this one out at Online Color Challenge . It is the only time that I have ever been happy to receive a zero score. Click on the thumbnail above and you will see I am not fibbing. LOL

I do hope you have enjoy my second Friday Link Sharing post.


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Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Link Sharing

I thought I would try something different and provide some links each Friday to items I have found interesting on the Internet. There will be times when I may be away and can’t do this but hopefully for the most part, this post will happen each Friday.

The first link is a video demo.

I don’t have this book but after seeing this demo I am thinking what a great way to make a quilt. Even the demonstration is a lesson worth watching. Crazy shortcut Quilts blog is a lovely read as well.

Also I am intrigued with my prize I won from miss~nances life blog and I thank you for it Gail. You can see what I won by popping over to this Giveaway post. I hope to do  justice and finish this project in the future. Thank you!

When reading comments, I came across a new blog called  DIY Bag Lover. The blog promotes tutorials of bags made by others and link back to the original owner. I don’t mind this blog, as it does recognise and acknowledge  that the copyright belongs to the bags owner, which is very important.  There are lovely bags on this blog so worth a visit.

There is so much to learn when it comes to blogging. I have known about ProBlogger blog for quite some time now and learnt a lot from Darren. He is an Australian that makes his living from blogging and a nice guy. If you want to  make your blog work for you, especially if you want to make sales from your crafts, it is worth checking out Blogging Tips for Beginners. Make sure you make a hot drink before you sit down though, as there is some great reading with lots of hints to make your blog greater than it already is.

Some of you may wonder what I am doing when I am not sewing. If you are interested, you can see my other blog by visiting Arts and Stuff.  How is that for a piece of self promoting…LOL

Now another link just for luck! A Quilting Life is an inspiring blog that reminds me why I love quilts. One day I will have one of my own quilts finished to snuggle into. Do take a look at this lovely blog, you won’t be disappointed.

Just a hint to those that are not internet savvy when it comes to blogging and copyright. When you want to use images that do not belong to you, make sure you get permission from the owner of the material before publishing their content on the web and it will keep everybody happy. Many share freely but there are those that will also be quite upset when they come across material posted without their permission. I know I would not appreciate my artworks being posted without my knowledge or prints made from them. Many artist know the style of  artworks and who created them and are the eyes to the web and soon report back to the image owners if they see something that does not look right; I have seen this happen myself although thankfully not my own work. I have also seen where whole posts are copied and posted on a blog with lots of advertising happening. These bloggers are stealing content to attract visitors to their blogs and make money from ads and once reported, smartly closed down by blogger. Copyright does get heavy going, but it is worth knowing something about the subject so that you have knowledge of where you stand on this great wide web. Oh one more link wont hurt! Copyright Explained.

I would be interested to know if you have enjoyed this post so please leave me a comment and let me know.


Monday, May 25, 2009

On My Heart BOMs

Oh My Heart BOM

Do you love to collect BOMs?

There is a lovely BOM happening over at Tozz’s Corner. Look at the image above; how can you resist such a pretty pattern!

Hop over to Tozz’s Corner and read all about On My Heart BOM.

Happy sewing everybody!


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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Autumn doll 2

I do love rag dolls and yesterday when I saw a kit that had everything in it other than the filling at a reduced price, I just had to have it and sew today so that I can truly get to know her.

So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Autumn who has berry’s in her hair and a bouquet in her hand. I am sure she will get on very well with my other rag dolls in my growing collection.


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Sunday, May 3, 2009

ELEFANTZ has a Shabby Roses Giveaway


Shabby BOM Banner

I thought I was too late to alert you to a beautiful giveaway, but if you hurry, you may just make it in time.

Go over to Jenny’s blog at Elefantz and enter. Also tell her that you read about the giveaway here at my blog.

I know I will be collecting Jenny’s beautiful BOM and hope you do as well.


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Friday, April 24, 2009



Appliqué played a big role in my sewing career many years ago. I appliquéd fronts of jumpers/sweatshirts before sewing them up; selling all but a small quantity that I kept from the time my children were small.

I am aware of copyright when using images, hence why I could never sell appliqué created from images from children's books. They were fun to do for my children though.

I also did commissions as well with customers coming to me with an idea of what they wanted. Drawings were done and approved and then it was down to sewing business. I stopped counting the garments once I had reached one hundred. I often wonder if any of them were kept by their owners.

The process of these appliqués is done by drawing on a tear-away stabilizer, then baste it onto the wrong side of the garment fabric. I then pin around the drawn shape so that I can see the pin line on the front of the fabric. The pins are then used to guide me where to place my appliqué fabric so that I have less waste. Pin fabric in place then with a straight stitch, on the tear-away side, trace the shape with your sewing machine. You will then see on the right side of garment fabric, the shape of the appliqué that will then be trimmed back to the stitching. This is then finished with a satin stitch to tidy the cut edge, as well as cover the straight stitching. Once I am finished, I then remove the tear-away then sew up the garment.

Using t-shirt fabric for the appliqué fabric on fleece, I did use a light iron on stabilizer to make the t-shirt fabric easier to handle and not stretch out of shape. These garments were always tossed in the washing machine and as you can see, some are worse for wear than the appliqué itself. The garments received a lot of use.

With grandchildren now, I just may get a tutorial done for this blog in the near future.

Note: When appliquéing small areas, I build the pieces up  from back, coming forward.  An example is the arm of Popeye comes out of a sleeve, the arm does not sit on top. I build the layers so that the piece feels as if it has depth. I used terry towelling for the clowns hair so that it had more texture.


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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Giveaway – Stitch Selection


Image posted with permission from Stitch Selection

Mothers are special to us and with Mother’s Day fast approaching, we hope to be able to celebrate with them. Unfortunately my sister Lucky1 and I lost our mum many years ago. I thought it was a lovely gesture by my sister from Stitch Selection to have a Mother’s Day Give Away in honour of our mum, along with other mums that are no longer with their families, although I am sure they are in spirit.

Please do enter in my sisters giveaway and good luck! :D


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Monday, April 20, 2009

Tozz’s Corner - Giveaway


Vicki who is the blog owner of Tozz’s Corner is having a giveaway.  I had intended getting this post up much sooner but was completely sidetracked.

Pop over to Tozz’s Corner and enter in Vicki’s 100th post giveaway as it is gorgeous. Even if you miss the giveaway, Vicki’s craft blog is worth a visit.


Monday, April 6, 2009

A Tea Party

After such a big day yesterday at the Laura Folk Fair, these three girls each have a story to tell. While they wait for their tea to be served with scrumptious cucumber sandwiches, here is their tale.

Craft Dolls

One has had a bad hair day although her dress sense will pass muster and very happy to join Sue’s family.

The second is so busy doing her washing that she forgot to leave it behind and oh so sleepy from all her hard days work. Golly Sue did think she needed to rescue her from such a difficult life!

Now the sweetest of both, who’s name is Sugar Plum, well she was yet to be put together after being found by Sue. At an extra special price of 12 dollars, pattern, material, beads and hair, now lets face it, how could she resist.

Home Sue goes with her bounty of three girls, that she is sure in time will all get to know each other well.

Measure, cut, snip, tear, along with some stitching; hello Sugar Plum, welcome and please join the tea party!

Sugar Plum Doll

I do hope you have enjoyed meeting my little family.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Wonderful Prize

Vicki's bag 

Rarely participating in entering prizes of any sort, imagine my overjoyed surprise when I won a bag from a lovely blog called Tozz’s Corner by entering the competition for Coming up 2 years for Blogging!

The presentation of the gift was beautifully presented, wrapped in a fat quarter with a ribbon tied around the beautiful bag and lovely fabric wrapping and put safely in a plastic bag then a post packaging.

I already know this bag is going to acquire a lot of use on my shopping trips to Port Pirie. Thank you Tozz’s Corner for your wonderful gifts; they will always be treasured.

May there be more wonderful bags made by you as this one!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

English Piecing

English Piecing

Having never done English Piecing before, I am delighted to say that I am thoroughly enjoying this new experience. The craft is ideal for picking up when only a few minutes is available for sewing or carting around in a caravan to sit and relax in the outdoors. I have to admit that the outdoors is the ideal light because I do like to use tiny hand stitches, which can be hard on the eyes without good light.

English Piecing - close up

If you have the Patchwork & Stitching Vol 9 No 4, you will see the quilt that I am making on page 24. I am not copying the colours nor are the values exactly the same. So far I am happy with the results considering I am using some material that I have had here for some time and adding to it as the project progresses. It would have been so much easier if I had planned ahead of time, but hey I am a learner and learning from my mistakes!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quilters and Embroiderers Stand

Quilters Stand

Oh I do need to get my first quilt top finished and sandwiched ready for quilting so that I can try my new toy out.

I am very pleased and impressed with the quality of this stand, which is made of Jarrah from Jarrah Lacky. I just noticed in the image that I still have some of the packaging attached to the stand, which I must say was excellently done.

I ordered the Quilters Stand and was pleasantly surprised when the Embroiderers Stand adapter was included at no extra cost to me in case I also do embroidery. At the time my order was made, I was torn whether to include the adapter or not and decided to keep my cost at a minimum. As you can imagine, I was stoked to see the Embroiderers Adapter and even wondered if I lost my marbles and did order it.character smileys  The Embroiderers Adapter is sitting at the bottom of the stand along with the wing-nut tightener.  I thought it was quite clever to make the wing-nut tightener from timber; a very nice touch!

Maybe I will now do some blanket stitching on my Table Topper.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Fabrics from Charlenes of Jamestown

Craft Fabrics 

Aren’t the fabrics lovely! smile_teeth

My husband and our son needed to go to Jamestown for farm supplies. Because I have been itching to check out Elaine Flower’s shop called Charlenes, With the help of my daughter-in-law (us girls have to stick together, wink), I did just that!

I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I can tell you right now, I will be tagging along from now on for those farm supplies from Jamestown in South Australia. The shop is packed full of patchwork, beading & Haberdashery. A crafters paradise.

The hand dyed fabrics on the right in the image above were purchased from Charlenes. The three burgundy tone on tones are just beautiful and I don’t even have to wash them; they have already been thoroughly washed! Hand dyed fabrics are made by Gail Simpson. I found the prices are the same as the website. The three on the left are also from Charlenes and would have been so easy to add more to the stash, but there is always another day.

By the way, if anyone is looking for blue craft fabrics, Charlenes is the place to go.


Thursday, January 15, 2009



Finely embellished this pincushion that I have been using for a few weeks now. The button I have had for many years and now it finely has its resting place! ;)



I love these quilting pins and wanted to take them with me while caravaning. With a bit of head scratching I came up with this container, which from memory I purchased alfalfa sprouts in it. If you have followed this blog, you will be getting the idea that I do hoard things here. You would be correct! :D

Anyway with a little bit of prodding, the pincushion fits nicely and have to thank Home Made by Sallyanne for planting the seed in my head, as she has done something similar so that she can also take her own pincushion travelling. Sallyanne also managed to pick up a quite a bit of craft material from Spotlight for me. Gosh I wished I lived closer to a Spotlight but then again, perhaps it isn’t a good idea! LOL

I am going to wash some of that Spotlight fabric now.



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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

T-Shirts for myself

T Shirts

Because it has been a number of years since I have done any sewing, it does take a bit of hunting to find lost items in my cupboards. I was looking for my Embroidery Hoop, which I did find and also found many other items that haven’t seen the light of day for many years.

I found a bundle of cut out T-Shirts waiting to be sewn up. I also found a numerous zips that will come in very handy with my crafts.  Heaps of cut out knickers with only the elastic to sew on. Lots of cards of elastic also in the cupboard so I really should finish those knickers. These are leftover’s from the days of my small sewing and fabric business that I ran from home.

I decided to sew up three of the T-Shirts. They will be handy for myself when hubby and I set off on our annual holiday by the beach later this month.

After many years of non use, I knew my overlocker was going to feel the pain when I first used it so a good service was put into action. It runs beautiful now without any complaints. I have to admit I did enjoy sitting in front of the machine with foot to the pedal sewing garments for myself.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Storage Bags for Crafts

Plastic Storage Bags

When fossicking around in by cupboards I do often come across the occasional gem.

Now, once upon a time I did consider this roll of plastic useless but kept it just in case I found a use for it. The plastic with paper is meant for covering books but I never used it because I preferred the contact type. I can’t even remember how I became owner of this roll, but do know that I never purchased it.

Needing protection for my hand sewing while away on holidays later this month, I realised I needed some sturdy plastic bags to keep my projects sorted and safe from the elements when caravaning.

Plastic Storage Bags for crafts

Having also found a pile of zips stashed away from a past life, I then proceeded to make five plastic storage bags that vary from 12 1/2” to 19” long. They are all 12 1/4” wide. The one in the image above is 15” long.

I am rather happy with getting these sewn up this afternoon, because time is fast running out with the holiday date not far away now…..said rubbing my hands together gleefully!

Happy sewing!

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