Saturday, January 10, 2009

Storage Bags for Crafts

Plastic Storage Bags

When fossicking around in by cupboards I do often come across the occasional gem.

Now, once upon a time I did consider this roll of plastic useless but kept it just in case I found a use for it. The plastic with paper is meant for covering books but I never used it because I preferred the contact type. I can’t even remember how I became owner of this roll, but do know that I never purchased it.

Needing protection for my hand sewing while away on holidays later this month, I realised I needed some sturdy plastic bags to keep my projects sorted and safe from the elements when caravaning.

Plastic Storage Bags for crafts

Having also found a pile of zips stashed away from a past life, I then proceeded to make five plastic storage bags that vary from 12 1/2” to 19” long. They are all 12 1/4” wide. The one in the image above is 15” long.

I am rather happy with getting these sewn up this afternoon, because time is fast running out with the holiday date not far away now…..said rubbing my hands together gleefully!

Happy sewing!

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Tracy said...

They look great Sue. Enjoy your holiday.

Linda said...

Great idea! Just goes to show you must hang onto everything......'cos one day you are going to need it ;)

Debs said...

I guess we should never throw things out. Have a nice holiday.

Jean said...

Great idea! I knew there was a reason I never throw anything away!

Needled Mom said...

What a wonderful idea. It shows us that nothing is going to waste. A purpose will always be found.

Creative Times with Sue said...

Thank you to each and everyone of you all for commenting. I do enjoy reading what others have to say.

Just as well my kids have moved out to make more room for storage here. LOL

miss~nance said...

What a clever idae. I'm very impressed.


Ulla said...

Hi! Greetings from Finland! You have great ideas! Thank you!!!