Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Balls

Isn't it frustrating when you see something you like on the Internet and then can't find it again. With me scratching my head to remember how to go about making these Christmas tree decorations that I had seen on the Internet, it all soon came back to me. Perhaps the old brain isn't' as bad as I thought.

As you can see I did bead some wire for one ball to hang from. I think I prefer the ribbons.

I am going to make more of these Christmas tree balls for next Christmas while away on our holidays by the beach later this month. No sewing required but must remember to pack the glue gun in our caravan. I am also taking my BOM with me as my first month will be in progress by then. I am looking forward to the embroidery and do hope that there is some to do on my first block. Hopefully I will find that out today if it turns up in the post.

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