Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hello from me to you

I thought it appropriate to write a little about myself in my first post.

It has been some years since I have done any serious sewing although in the past I did sew nearly every piece of clothing for my family. Well the sewing machine recently has been well and truly dusted off with projects already sewn up or items still in progress and I have enjoyed every minute of it abate feeling a little rusty.

My pride and joy is my sewing machine, which is a Bernina 1130. Old yes but very reliable, although sometimes I do look at the new machines like a kid looking through the window of a candy shop with no money to spend. Only because new machines seem to be geared more to crafts, especially quilting and 'oh those beautiful embroidery stitches'. :D

This blog at the moment is very bare although I do plan on changing that, so if you come across me please visit again, because there will be more to see as the weeks pass with images to go with my post.


Unknown said...

Hello to you too Sue !
Clare's Craftroom

Susan Borgas said...

Hi Clare, thanks for dropping by and saying hello. :D

Tracy said...

Hi Sue :) Thanks for popping by my blog. I think we live not far from each other too. I'm in Jamestown. Nice to meet you

Creative Times with Sue said...

Not far at all, I live between Booleroo and Tarcowie, on the farm! :D