Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shopping Bag Tutorial

With plastic bags becoming a thing of the past I have been poking around in my stash of material from years ago and come across flannel material that I really didn't want to be sewing up into shirts anymore. Not wanting to waste this material, I am turning it into three shopping bags, two of which have been sewn up.

This is the pattern I am using with more to share with you as I sew up the bag (I hope I don't mess this up! :D). Click on the thumbnail to view a larger image. Also once you can see the larger image, if you use Ctrl and click on the + a few times on the keyboard, it should become larger again. This will help those that are on a slow Internet connection to view my images.

Until the next installment, happy sewing!

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Lucky-1 said...

Oh yeah... I can do this bit.... if I had material and my sewing machine;P

Watching this space.

Creative Times with Sue said...

Funny thing is I was thinking of newbies when I started this..... and I know you have a direct hotline to me if I get it wrong LOL