Thursday, November 25, 2010

Paper Piecing Potholder

Gosh I could have done a better job at ironing this Paper Pieced potholder. It is square although it does not look like that in this image. The pattern, well there wasn’t any other than a play beforehand of drawing lines on a square sheet until I was happy with it. Paper Pieced Potholder I made this Christmassy potholder yesterday from cheap fabric I would not normally use for crafts (no loss if it did not work out) to teach myself how do paper piecing, as well as become more familiar with my new Bernina Aurora 440.

I love the little Christmas bell decorative stitch as well as the fonts. Paper piecing also makes sense to me now that I have given it a go. :)

Today I am back to folding fabric for my Origami Christmas Tree hangings, with a photo of my progress tomorrow.

Until then, happy crafting people!



Tracy said...

I'm totally envious of your new machine Sue. Have fun with her. I love my virtuosa (she's the model before the Aurora). I'd love the BSR that your machine has. But will have to wait until the kids leave home to afford one.

Creative Times with Sue said...

Hi there Tracy, sorry about the delay in moderating your comment. For some reason I am not being alerted to my comments and will investigate what is going on.

I have been thinking about upgrading for months now and with good sales with my artworks, decided to bite the bullet and spend some of my money. LOL

I am yet to use the BSR but can see it is going to be a real asset with freehand quilting.