Monday, November 22, 2010

Secret Triangle Business

Well not really all that secret, as I have already told my sister Leanne over at Stitch Selection what I am doing while baby sitting my grandson. I am making Origami Christmas Tree wall hangings with many triangles to be sewn up and folded. 80 triangle pieces…gulp!

I even put the sewing machine in my art studio because I felt that my sewing/office room was not a safe place for a small child to play. I can see this happening often with a TV close by and the coffee pot close too! lol

If the photos work out with the steps involved I will make a tutorial and post it here, so stay tuned with an update.

I would like to also take this opportunity to apologise for my absence from this blog. I haven’t been sewing for some time with other things in life getting in the way. I am making a huge effort to make time for crafts and so serious about this decision that I upgraded my Bernina sewing machine to an Aurora 440 QE. I am also joining the Burra Quilting Group, where I will be able to spend some time with my sister Deb from over at Sewdeb

I hope you like the new look blog. I will in time pretty it up when ideas strike me. :)

Happy sewing everyone.



Lucky-1 said...

Hey Sue, your new machine is very swish with her lights on:)

I am interested in seeing your Christmas tree finished.


Unknown said...

Hey Sue nice to see you back with your new look too !

Creative Times with Sue said...

Thanks ladies and it is lovely to be back! :D

Tracy said...

Nice to see you back Sue.
Tracy in Jamestown

Liz said...

Lovely to have you back. I am sure you will enjoy the machine and your quilt group.

Creative Times with Sue said...

Thank you, it is lovely to be back. :)